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Ants are not only annoying, but their bites can  painful. We can manage your out-of-control ant population, and keep those bugs from bugging you

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Scorpions are very common in the desert, and have an extremely painful sting that can cause swelling,  nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. We can help you minimize this risk on your property

  • We provide a free pest control inspection. Upon request, we will make an appointment to come to your home or business to inspect your property and recommend the most economical and effective pest control procedures for your environment. There is no obligation on your part. You will receive an explanation of what to expect from the treatment and the means that will be used to eliminate pests and their harborage areas.
  • The initial treatment is designed to bring pest infestation under control. We use pesticides that are approved by EPA and recommended by the Arizona Office of Pest Management. .
  • Ongoing maintenance is used to monitor the effectiveness of the service. We will establish a regular service schedule, but we will be available for those emergency situations that arise, as well.
  • Our comprehensive training program includes: Training manuals developed by the National Pest Control Association, classroom instruction, on-the-job training, and annual continuing education and recertification.

Mantis Pest Control, LLC

Serving the Northwest Tucson area, Oro Valley, Marana, Saddlebrooke, Catalina

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Rattlesnakes are prevalent this time of year. Attracted by rodents, you can help to control the presence of snakes by letting us control your rat and mouse populations

It's bee season! Let us help you eliminate nesting bees and wasps from your property

Providing Quality Pest Control and Customized Service at an Affordable Price. 

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